Dark Souffle + Tan dry

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  • DARK SOUFFLE TANNING MOUSSE WASH & WEAR - DHA - 12% Dark Souffle Tanning Mousse is an easy to apply, lightweight foam with a self adjusting formula. Dark Souffle Tanning Mousse contains skin hydrators that replenish and enhance your skin. Dark Souffle Tanning Mousse will suit all skin types by tailoring application and rinse off times.1 Coat; 1-2 hrs wash & wear for a light colour 2 coats; 2-4 hrs wash & wear for a medium colour 2 coats; 4 + hrs wash & wear for a dark colour
  • Tan Dry powder is a setting powder for drying your freshly tanned skin. It has been specifically formulated for missmbyminx with organic ingredients that absorb any stickiness on the skin after you have had a Spray Tan or a Self Tan leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth and dry. Tan Dry will not clog pores or effect the final colour of your tan. Tan Dry At Home with our compact 60gm tub.
  • Shake the bottle well, apply Dark Souffle to freshly cleaned, exfoliated dry skin with a Miss M Applicator Mitt, smooth on evenly. Wash hands immediately after use. Colour will begin to develop after one hour, full colour will develop after 24 hours. Let skin dry for 10 minutes before dressing DARK SOUFFLE CAN BE LAYERED FOR A DARKER RESULT. After applying self tanning product wait 5 mins, dip Tan Dry Dusting Brush into the powder, tap off any excess. Gently brush powder over the skin ensuring that you cover one area at a time paying particular attention to behind the knees, décolletage and inside of the elbows. Skin should feel dry and not sticky. Dress immediately after use. Rinse off your tan as normal.