• The all-in-one system is designed with a powerful inbuilt spray tan system in the base which connects to the Rapid Applicator while the triple fan clean air system works to draw excess tanning solution in the air into its four-stage filtration system. The Spray Station minimises overspray to achieve a cleaner, healthier environment for the spray tan technician and client alike.

    The Spray Station utilises disposable filters, making for quick and easy maintenance. The system features a convenient foot pedal for easy operation and includes anti-slip comfort floor mat, aluminium side panels, applicator holder, two Rapid Applicators and a specifically designed applicator holder. Rapid Applicators boast leak free clear cups, stainless steel components and provides an adjustable nozzle, wider spray tan pattern for quick application and an ultra-fine airbrush finish to achieve flawless results every time.

    Eliminate Clutter and Maximise Space. 

    • Powerful inbuilt spray tan system
    • Triple fan clean air system
    • Four-stage filtration system
    • Minimises overspray
    • Connects to Rapid Applicator
    • Utilises disposable filters
    • Ergonomic foot pedal
    • Anti-slip comfort floor mat
    • Aluminium side panels
    • Applicator holder
    • Maximises space
    • Creates professional environment
    • Ultra-fine mist
    • Stainless steel components
    • Adjustable spray pattern
    • Clear, leak free cup
    • Comfort design
    • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 185cm x 120cm x 190cm
      Weight: 52kg
      Noise: 72db
      Average Air Displacement: 1560m3/hr